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Circle of Young Ambassadors

The Institut du cancer de Montréal’s Young Ambassadors Circle is a group of young leaders from various professional backgrounds between the ages of 25 and 40, each holding the Institute's mission close to their heart: support fundamental research and shape future leaders through education and training. The Young Ambassadors Circle is a close knit committee of roughly twenty young professionals who are versatile and creative. Together, they aim to make Casino contre le Cancer, the Montreal young professional charity event.

Jean-François Cailhier - image

Jean-François Cailhier

Institut du cancer de Montréal

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Charles Alexandre Trudeau

The Prosperity Club

Catherine Desaulniers Lamy - image

Catherine Desaulniers Lamy

Desjardins Capital

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Jean-Daniel Bienvenue

Ferrari Québec

Chiraz Kassardjian - image

Chiraz Kassardjian


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Josiane Noiseux

TC Média

Varma Dilip - image

Varma Dilip

Consultant Cellboard Media Corporation

Francis Vinet - image

Francis Vinet

Vinet Groupe of National Bank Financial

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Nicolas Gaboury

Groupe ABS