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Chiraz Kassardjian


I have been supporting the Casino contre le Cancer as a sponsor for the last two years and have decided to join the Young Ambassadors Circle of the Institut du cancer de Montréalin 2018.

It was important for me to join, help and give back to a cause that is so close to my heart. This terrible disease surrounds us all and we all know someone near and far affected by it.

I believe that improved community awareness of cancer can make a huge difference in terms of prevention, earlier detection and better survival rates.

As an entrepreneur, I understand quite well how much life can be like a rollercoaster, with lots of ups and downs. Even when things are going wonderfully well, they can suddenly come crashing down so easily. Therefore, let’s always remember to be grateful.

Having lost my dear mother in 2015 after a long battle, I’ve seen how cancer can shake people to their core. I want to let my personal experience make a positive difference to other people’s lives and take advantage of the opportunity I’ve been given.

I would like to invite you all on October 5,2018 for our Casino contre le Cancer gala, which will take place at Centre des Sciences in order for us to, hand in hand, raise funds for immunotherapy research and come one step closer to finding a cure.