Saalim Shaikh

President of the Circle of Young Ambassadors.

2018 will mark my third year as an ambassador for the Casino contre le Cancer. Cancer closely impacted a family member this past year, and my inability to do anything truly affected me. Drastic changes take place for the family, perception of life is modified, while nothing but support can be offered to the diagnosed ones.

Cancer research is critical in finding a cure, and the only way to fund the research is by creating awareness. Throughout my career at the bank, I have worked side by side with many cancer foundations.  I have seen how critical, important, and meaningful donor dollars are to those battling cancer today. Each dollar donated is one step forward in expanding our knowledge, to lead to a cancer-free future. My goal is to drive measurable progress towards that future every day. 

Over the past eight years, I stood out among the most renowned and recognized employees across the country in retail banking and wealth management, holding awards of excellence in from 2014 to 2018. My professional training in banking helped me to excel in team management, situational analysis, and meeting targets within deadlines. I intend to implement my knowledge, interpersonal skills, leadership and energy, to fulfill my duties assigned for the benefit of this great cause.      

It is a great honor to now, for the first time, be the president of circle of ambassadors. Together, we will make most of opportunities to make a difference in the lives those in need.  The passion and hard work of this group will lead to forward-moving, progressive, and positive change.  Imagine a future where cancer is treated as easily as a simple cold...