Cause - Casino contre le cancer



img-event01Maral Tersakian, executive director, and Jean-François Séguin, instigator of Casino contre le Cancer


In 2012, Jean-François Séguin wanted to honor the memory of his mother Diane Asselin, who died of cancer. As a poker player, Jean-François wanted to gather people through poker while raising money for cancer research. Like Jean-François, the Young Ambassadors think cancer research is vital. This is how Casino contre le Cancer was born. Since the first edition in 2012, over $650,000 has been raised to support research in cancer immunotherapy through the Diane Asselin Fund.




Diane Asselin Fund for Immunotherapy

The Institut du cancer de Montréal and its team of affiliated researchers firmly believe that immunotherapy is an innovative branch of cancer research that may represent a big step towards a cure. The major goal of the Immunotherapy is to boost the immune system so it can identify and kill the cancer cells. It is a viable alternative to several treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Immunotherapy represents the future of cancer treatments.




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